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To all of our Van Reed Families:

We hope that you have had an enjoyable summer break, thus far, and your families have been healthy.  While this past spring was trying, at best, we are confident that the warmer weather is getting everyone outside and enjoying the sun.

The board wanted to reach out to you with an update on our fall season.  The league Van Reed has participated in, the BICYFL, has decided as a whole to forgo this season.  However, the good news is that we will still have football & cheer for the kids this fall. 

We are grateful for the amount of kids that are looking to move forward with a modified season and we thank you for the support as well!

As mentioned, the league shut down for this season, but we are able to continue to play on our own.  Fortunately, 5 other teams from our league as well as a 6th from another organization have opted to collaborate and work towards providing the kids with some actual games this year.  Those programs include Lincoln Park, Governor Mifflin, Exeter, Cocalico, Hamburg, and Myerstown.  We are still looking to kick the season off on 8/17/20 and run through 10/4/20, which is a total of 7 weeks.  What could change all of this is if any local or state official issues a directive that would not allow us to play or make it prohibitive.

The first week of the season will consist of practices only and no game on that first weekend so that the coaches and players can get acclimated with each other.  As a collective group (7 teams) we are actively working towards trying to secure refs as well as develop a schedule that works for everyone.  If we can’t secure refs for any game, we will still play but it will be in the form of a scrimmage where each team will run 2-3 sets of 10 plays each and will NOT include kickoffs.  The reason for this is to prevent injury by shortening the field of play.  Lastly, regarding the games, we are trying to pin down which day they will be played on the weekend, but that has not been pinned down at this point.  We ask that you please be patient through this process as we are actively trying to work on behalf of the kids to show them a good time and provide a solid level of competitive play!

In the end, we are looking to provide the kids with a rewarding experience with their peers and actively engage in physical well-being.  It is important that they continue to build on the skills they have acquired over the years or be introduced to new experiences.  We were initially basing the season on 10 weeks and because the season is shortened we will be looking to refund you for some of your dues unless you're willing to contribute those funds towards our efforts for heightened sanitation efforts.  We thank you for your understanding and look forward to creating positive memories with your child!

The PIAA has issued safety protocol & guidelines to schools and other participating leagues/teams for workouts, practices and fielding teams this summer and fall.  In addition to PIAA  guidelines, we are following the safety plan established by the Wilson School District & Athletic Department to ensure the safety of our players and coaches.  We are uniform in our approach and execution of this plan as an organization and we will follow these same rules at all levels of participation.  Please see the 3 links to documents on this home page for details of Van Reed's fall sports plan.

We realize that there could be changes in the future and if the season would not take place, be assured that we would refund all participation fees.  We are very excited to get things underway and look forward to the coming season!  We are anxious to see the kids soon.

With Kindest Regards,

Van Reed Athletic Association Board of Directors



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